My Clous EX2 ultra with Alexa skill

I would like to add my cloud ex2 ultra to amazon Alexa to play music directly from the the drive thru an Alexa device. Alexa has a My Cloud skill but it seems to be a different log in than the my cloud app for the iPhone or the settings to the drive so I created an account with that and it asks me to add my drive and to enter a 9 digit code that could be found on my quick start guide

or the back of the device. My quick start guide and my device don’t have this number on it. Does anybody know if this drive is not compatible with the amazon Alexa skill or if there’s another method to go about adding the drive.

I have Alexa accessing my My Cloud through Plex Server installed on my NAS. With Alexa I can ask Plex to play music and videos from My NAS. The skill I have enabled at Amazon is an Amazon-created skill for Plex ((not for a My Cloud app).

You need to research Amazon and Plex sites on how to set then up and working together. I do not remember all the many steps of how to do this. You first need a free Plex account set up and working, then deal with Alexa afterward

Thanks for your reply. I do have the Plex skill enabled and I use it on my amazon echo devices and it works about 90% of the time. But the issue I’m having now is that Plex won’t work on my Alexa enabled Bose soundbar 700. I’m not sure what’s the issue there. So I wanted to try an alternative.

I play my music to a Dot whose audio out goes to my stereo. If you can do that it should work fine.

Yes that has been the most reliable set up I have that in other rooms but I recently purchased the Bose sound bar with sub which cost $1500 and has Alexa built in I just wanted to take advantage of the streamed line and simplified set up of the Bose system. I believe it may be an issue with the Bose hopefully a firmware updates takes care of the issue. The Alexa mic on the Bose is far superior to that in any of my echo devices so I would like to stick to it.
I wanted to see what other options others have used to work similar to Plex and I was thinking that the my cloud skill would work

If the Bose has an internal amp or BT input try porting a Dot’s BT or line out into it. I can also use app on an iphone./ipad’s either BT or headphone out to feed music from my NAS into a BT speaker or stereo amp.

@tashrocca The Alexa Skill that you mention is supported on My Cloud Home and not the My Cloud EX2. (Different product line)