My cloud syncing with Google drive

HI …recently purchased My cloud 4 tb duo. The main reason was that I currently use Google One drive to store documents and now would like My Cloud to be the primary depository. I have sync my cloud and google drive and on windows explorer, I can see the files …what perplexes is mt is that on Google drive it states I have used 105 GB of storage but when I go to properties on windows explorer it only states 50GB so possibly half of the documents haven’t come over so reluctant at the moment to delete documents on Google drive

Can someone give me some clear instructions on sync the Google Drive to WD My Cloud and then delete the documents from Google Drive and use My CLiuyd as the primary depository…Thanks …Steve

Hi buchi1604,

I am going through the same situation you were about a year ago, did you find any solution to this? (I hope you did)

Many thanks, Joan