Sync Google Drive and OneDrive wiht My Cloud


I have been trying all day to sync Google Drive and OneDrive to folders on My Cloud but in vain. I am doing this because both drives will grow and exceed the storage limit on my 256GB SSD. Hence I thought moving these folders from C drive to My Cloud will be a good option. I thought it would be an easy task but after 5 hours of trying and Googling I have given up. Is this simple feature not possible?


Jih Ying

Officially no. There is no option within the My Cloud Dashboard to copy or sync the single bay/single drive My Cloud data to a remote offsite cloud storage location like Google Drive or Microsoft’s OneDrive. Unofficially it may be possible. There are several prior discussions on attempting to copy My Cloud data to a remote cloud storage location that one can find using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right). Here is one such discussion:

Sorry if this has already been answered. However, I have had great success in syncing WD My Passport with Google Drive. It was very simple; I downloaded my google drive file into my Passport then delete everything Google Drive from my PC. I then downloaded and installed it all back into my passport. I made a Google Drive file in the Passport and now everything syncs with Google Drive.

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I have the same problem.
And Now I have regreted to purchase my cloud home so much!
It’s not the Cloud that what I think of !
I can’t set google/onedrive sync folder in my cloud home !
I can’t set my iTnes Library in my cloud home.
When I copy all my iTunes Library to my cloud home and then iTunes Media to iTunes folder in my cloud home
Then all song will disappear! What the fXXk!
By the way. It takes 3 days to move about 1T to my cloud home…! Any movement is so slow…
I’ve had enough!

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In Windows you can make a network address as a drive letter. Try going down that avenue
you may also need to adjust the security settings for that drive if the application cannot access it