My cloud SSH connection refused


I’m trying to connect to my mycloud home NAS using terminal (Macbook) :
“ssh xxx@” (I’ve checked the IP address which is correct).
Whatever user name I tried (root or sshd) I alway get the same error message : “ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused”.

Anyone to help me please ?


There has never been official SSH support for the My Cloud Home in the ~66 iterations of firmware available for this home device. It is running WD OS designated as OS4 which is a highly restrictive and features limited personal cloud OS, very different from OS3 and OS5.

Users can try to install Entware or Debian/OMV on their own with no support available from anyone.

P/N is WDBVXC0080HWT-00

Tks, yes it’s is this one (8TB).