My cloud NAS OS 3 Drive - how do I stop access on PC

Hi All

I have a NAS drive using the Os3 which recently lost remote access but I still have local access.

I have a shared PC with a family member, and under Network in Windows 10, this drive shows for the other member when he signs in, how do I remove , or stop access to him and just keep it for myself when I sign in? I am the administrator


What do you have setup in the Dashboard? Have you ever created other Users and given them permission to use your My Cloud? **Have you read all the Help provided in the Dashboard? **

No I have only given access to myself, but it still shows in the other user when he signs onto the same Pc, it shows under Network in the PC, so it appears the PC has access to it not individual users.

@Aauk25 If you both use the same network then it will show under network. Check what permissions you have given in the Dashboard and what, if anything, you made Public.

There’s nothing in dashboard showing. Nothing is public, permission just given to me.

You have a couple of options if I understand your situation/question correctly. One option is to set each Share to Private (Public slider set to OFF) in the My Cloud Dashboard. Once set to Private one can then assign which Users (created in the My Cloud Dashboard) can access that Share. You can set the user to have full access, read only access or no access to a Private Share. WD in their infinite wisdom left the Public Share configured such that it cannot (officially) be set to Private. One can search this subforum to find several past discussions on how to set the main Public Share to Private or hide it entirely.

My Cloud Shares Online User Guide and Solutions

Example of the Share tab showing the “Public” slider.

Another option is to reconfigure the shared Windows 10 PC so the other user accounts on the computer do not have administrator privilege’s and then lock down that user’s access and network configuration so they are prevented from accessing local network clients (for example disabling Network Discovery and NetBios over TCP/IP). One can search the internet for directions on how to lock down access. Often one does this for kids who use their computer. Here is one example of this detailed in the following old post:

There are likely other more involved options that may include segmenting the local network or using other methods of controlling local network traffic.

Many thanks, I’ll have a good read of this.

How can I delete the WD drive from the Network or stop it appearing in there?

It depends. If it’s a mapped Share you can right click on it and select disconnect. Then set the Share’s Public setting to OFF in the My Cloud Dashboard Share section. Otherwise you will have to see the previously mentioned information about locking down the other user accounts on the Windows 10 PC and disabling Network Discovery and other settings for those accounts. There are plenty of DIY guides out there on the Internet one can search for that deal with restricting children’s access on Windows PC’s. One can use that information to limit or block Windows User account access to the My Cloud. There are also specific software programs designed for limiting kids access on computers that can also be used to accomplish blocking access to the My Cloud. Or if one uses Windows Defender or other software based firewall programs on their PC they could possibly configure that firewall software to block access to the My Cloud.