Privacy issue


 I bought my wd my cloud earlier this week, and i have a question, i share a modem “local connection” with my family, noe everyone on the same network can easily access the hard disk!!

my question is: is it possible to stop anyone from entering the harddrive that uses the same network and limit it to certain I.P “devices: my pc and mobile phone for example”???

I hope i can find an answer from you guys

Thanks in advance

If you set up your shares as Private, then the only thing they’d be able to access is the single “Public” share which can’t be made private.

You should also (if you haven’t already) secure the drive’s management “admin” user account with a password.

If your NAS is on a network that is shared with others, and you want to restrict access to the NAS you should consider:

  • the public share will always be accessible,

  • you can create users and, if necessary passwords, to restrict access to any other share on the NAS: no access, read only, or read/write access,

  • you should put a password for the admin user.

thank you very much