MY CLOUD moving files

Dear All,

Under My Cloud App, when I try to copy/move a file from the Download folder to another folder, I get an error messages which says “a file already exists in this location or an invalid opertation was attempted.” However, there is no such file in the target destination… Why am I getting This error message? Thanks Yalin

What operating system/device? PC, Mac, phone, tablet?

Is there any reason why you are using the app, rather than a file manager?

I find the app rather limited.

Hi CPT, Thanks… I’m using the app on my IPAD actually… And I also have the same app, on my Android mobile phone (Samsung)… And on the app, I can see, when you click on “manage devices/services” section, Google Drive (or Drop Box and One Cloud) service comes up as if it is possible to connect… But, when you click on them, you get the error message…

The reason I’m using the app is that, if it works, you have a single interface to your MyCloud and also Google Drive, which would be great. I could copy/paste files between two clouds as i want…


You talk about copy/move a file in your original topic and then manage device/services in your second post, so which one do you need help with?

Here are some images from my Samsung Galaxy S6.

In this shot to be able to add One Drive I had to enter my Microsoft account info and Password

In this shot to add the One Drive app I had to give this permission

In this shot it shows what I have added for use.

Thank you sir/madam for your feedback… But, for Google Drive, I am not allowed to input my password… Basically I think Google is not allowing this… Probably blocking such pw input through a different app… Is there a solution to this? Thanks…

That’s clearly not what is happening, since cat0w has been able to connect to Google Drive via the MyCloud app.

If there is a difference, it may be between the iOS and Android versions of the app.