WD MyCloud 3TB


I’m trying to upload folders, with subfolders and files, not getting anywhere fast !

Files drag ad drop and upload to my storage fine, but not folders :frowning:

I see an old post from 2014 about this, but it’s closed…

Can anyone help ?



What is your operating system, Apple, Windows? More info would help.

Sorry Windows 7…

I can drag and drop files no problem from file explorer straight onto my open web page in firefox
with my cloud folder showing, Android works also fine with my Sony Z5 Compact

If I try to drag a folder over full of albums of music, nothing happens !

I see a few people have had this problem !


Are you accessing logically, or remotely?

If you are accessing locally, are you trying Windows Explorer->Network and you should see your My Cloud. Then double click your My Cloud and that should open it, if you have your credentials set, or it will ask for your login and password. After selecting where you want to store you files you shouldn’t have any issues copy/paste or moving the folders or files. There is no need to open Firefox for this purpose.