My Cloud Home use case?

I am considering My Cloud Home for use with Macrium Reflect for backups, but there are a few questions left unanswered in the manual. Before I try to fit a square peg into a round hole, I thought I’d better ask the community to shed some light on these:

  1. Does My Cloud Home depend on a WD server for authentication and data transfer? Will I be able to use it from my LAN, without internet access?
  2. Can I restrict access to My Cloud Home to my LAN?
  3. Can I create My Cloud Home network shares for specific users, and access these from the Windows 10 File Explorer?
  1. No, Internet connection is required to authenticate the account
  2. No, Once the my cloud home is set up remote access is enabled by default and cannot be disabled
  3. No, the my cloud home only has a default public and TimeMachine SMB shares used for windows and time machine backups. Each user you invite has their own private user space that can be mounted as a drive on a windows computer by installing WD discovery but it is not a SMB share and cannot be mapped. it can only be mounted using WD Discovery. you also have no admin capability to see their private user space or manage it in any way.

Looks like My Cloud Home is not for me.
Thanks for your apt response!