My Cloud Home - Software Unlock

Hi guys,

After trusting WD marketing, which I shouldn’t have, I side with all the very displeased customers that are all over this forum. Looking for a nice easy to use cloud storage that I can share with all the people in my home and judging by the cover it seemed to be that.

I was totally appalled by the lack of functionality that this device lacks - even more so considering its got quite powerful hardware inside, if we can trust WD tech specs. I backed up all my lossless music collection to it. All went fine, till the moment I realized that I cannot even download, let alone stream music from the MyCloud Home. What is the purpose of this then? You can stream .mkv files (not that common of a file type) but you cannot stream FLAC’s or MP3’s? I cannot download anything on my Android and the Iphone app is the same.

To that extent, bearing in mind that the marketing behind this device was blatantly wrong and misleading, I urge WD to release the SDK for this device. I plan on manually setting up a ownCloud installation on the device. It is absolute madness to charge the same for a device that has way less functionality than the original MyCloud. which I keep hearing left and right that you can set it up so that it does everything i described here and more.

Utterly disappointed with this device, the only way I will be somewhat satisfied is the ability to change the horrid WD software that is on the device.

I patiently wait for an official response

Many thanks,

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You can use PLEX to stream music and videos. See the knowledge base articles below

WD also has a developer page if you are interested ion developing apps that can work with the my cloud home

If you don’t like the My Cloud Home maybe you can take it back and trade for another device. See the Learning Center.

You said, “I patiently wait for an official response”. For that to happen you may want to contact WD.

Hi peeps, cheers for the replies, will reach out to them. Am I mad in thinking this is deliberatly done so you get a plex pass? You can stream as i said earlier .mkv files straight through the WD app, whether locally or remotely and works like a charm, yet mp3s are a different story. Once plex is configured you basically need to pay so that you can stream outside the local network - which again this should be a default functionality - what is the “cloud” in the name for. Again, I should’ve checked wd forums before buying, hoping for a return and getting a proper bare NAS and see if i can make it work with a pi.