My Cloud Home Into The Finder (Mac OS)


First i am really sorry for what is about to happend. English isn’t my native language.

So, here is my issue with my Mycloud Home :

In the Finder App on my mac, i’ve a “location” called “MyCloud-XZT2HU” and when i try to connect with an other account than the “guest” one, I can’t access it. Even with my western digital account.

So i don’t know what is the purpose of this folder but i would like to delete it or at least know how to connect to it.


Thanks in advence for your help.

Think you will find that if you right click on the drive and select Get Info, you will find this is a part of your mac, not My Cloud Home. It appears that if you are running OS Catalina, the My Cloud Home will not show in Finder - thousands of users are waiting for WD to fix their problem. If this is not correct or not up todate, will someone, even WD, please advise me!