My Cloud Home Duo - Bakcup with WD Discovery (desktop)

WD Backup does not identify my My Cloud Home Duo.
My Cloud Home Duo is configured in WD Discovery.
So I can’t make a synchronous copy from my computer to my WD drive

WD Backup is not supported on My Cloud Home and is only supported on Direct Attached Storage such as external USB drives attached to the computer.

Being a bit of a novice and checking I haven’t misunderstood! I definitely cant use WD back up with My Cloud Home Duo?
Similar to original enquiry, its visible in WD Discovery showing % used. Also visible in file explorer and I can open and see folders/files. Also visible NOW having followed help screens on file explorer 'Network and set to public.
However, if I try and use WD back up, add back up plan it only discovers dropbox. Similarly if I open WD security it says attach a supported drive but again I’m unsure what to do from here.
If WD back up doesn’t work with My Cloud Home duo, I have other WD products, one of which was attached but that wasn’t visible in the backup options either, only dropbox.
Any suggestions appreciated. Just wanted to synchronise with any updates to the folders I have transferred over e.g. documents/photos/videos.

No you cannot use WD Backup with a My Cloud Home.
might want to check this article for supported drives and more information and this one for My Cloud Home Desktop Sync

Thanks, appreciated. Looks like the sync option is the only way I can do it. Regards Mike