Disapointed costumer

Just bought and installed my cloud home duo.
When installing the device it shows several apps, backup, security ea… to install.
Seems that i can’t use any of them becouse my home cloud duo is not supported. (and not seen when you run the apps)
Why show these apps on the install tool?
On the box it says that backup is included. where can i find this programm?
At this moment i can only see an extra drive that can be accessed on the internet.

i hope sombody can help me out by saying i am wrong and gives sollutions


the wd discovery app is not just for the my cloud home. wd discovery supports all wd products and will show apps available for all their products. it is confusing i agree but that is why you see apps that are not supported on the my cloud home.

backup is available using the built in windows backup or time machine backup on mac.