My Cloud Home as DLNA server

26 November 2018.

I just bought a new My Cloud Home to replace my old My Book Live.

I have it up and running and can see the files I copied from my laptop, desktop PCs and my iPad now all I need is to get DLNA service working so the I can play content on my Marantz MCR611 and IPad.

I looked around the forum but cannot find anything specific, most of the posts are from years ago or contain non helpful content.

Any definitive assistance would be appreciated.

the my cloud home only support PLEX as a media server. You can install PLEX from the services option in the mobile app.

Thanks, yes I did eventually find the above. Not by searching WD but by searching in Google.

Plex is a terrible system, library additions take ages to update, and that’s just for starters!


i returned mine and bought an older model. i wish they never removed that feature. i have 5 samsung tvs that i want the kids to access the cloud. the home cloud was a newer model but i still have and older 1tb WDMYCLOUD that works perfect!! WD needs to bring back DLNA option back?!! why remove the feature WD?!!


I scrapped mine within a few days of the original post. I bought a Synology DS118 bare unit and transferred the hard drive across. Works like a dream, even multi streaming.

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I have three WD My Cloud Home devices and they make excellent Plex Video Servers for Movies and TV Series with my LG Smart TVs.

I also have a WD My Cloud Ex2 Ultra that I use as a NAS and iTunes Server. If I wanted to use it as a DLNA server, it would be well suited for that as well.

All four devices are connected to a gigabit home network using a TP-Link TL-SG1016D 16 port switch. I use Google Wi-fi mesh as the router that is upstream to the switch. I only employ a single NAT.

I get file transfer speeds of 50-100 Mbps when copying across hard wire and 25-50 Mbps when copying to wireless devices.

hello is it normal that the my cloud home device is on during te night when i am not working on it?

PLEX is horrible.I hope WD can turn back to the older version to enable DLNA service.


had my ex2 12tb (os3) since 2015 loved it, now wd have stopped support for it, so I have just went and bought the 28tb ex2 ultra which i assumed was the same but slightly more up to date specs, but it has os5, so no more dlna which my samsung tvs used to access my content, I have tried using plex but i hate it, It keeps renaming my files and putting them in different places as well as crashing from time to time
i wish WD would reinstate the media streaming DLNA on there next update. if not ill have to purchase another bare nas and never touch wd again.

Now DLNA is bundled with Twonky. Install Twonky app from the MyCloudEX2 settings page - top menu - Apps - Install an App manually - Twonky is listed. Once installed, it opens the Twonky settings page and you need to select the path to your shared folder where music/photo/video resides. Save the settings and you are done! The connected smart TV will recognize the MyCloudEX2 in a few seconds and streaming starts…using on Sony Bravia TV effortlessly…

Absolutely. It is intended to. Specifically - it is not advisable to suddenly switch it off - one should use shutdown command from the menu. Not that it will not recover (if abruptly switched off), 99% it will, but that odd 1% chance remains that it may get corrupted. I had bitter experience with my earlier white MyCloud 4TB.