My Cloud Gen 2 - scheduled USB backup? (safepoint is gone)

I just purchased a WD My Cloud 6T and a MyBook 6T specifically because the My Cloud supported safepoints to do secheduled, nightly backups onto a USB drive. Unfortunately it appears that safepoints were removed for “gen 2” My Clouds and replaced with “Backup” which doesn’t seem to have a way to schedule.

Why did they remove the safepoint capability? Is there some way to add a scheduling to the new “backup” feature? As long as they have the capability to backup to a USB drive, how hard was it to add the “scheduling” capability?

I have seen some mentions of rsync scripts and such, but my family only has laptops and I don’t have any computer running all the time for such scripts. That’s specifically why I got the My Cloud because it could do the backup all on its own.

Any helpful ideas?

No answer for your question but would like to clarify something…

  • rsync is a Linux command and this would be run on mycloud. You can also create a script.
  • You could schedule the script with a cron job (another Linux command which is set on mycloud as well)
  • It would copy whatever folder you want to the USB drive.
  • You would need to SSH to set the commands and schedule the cron job though
    In a few words, No PC/laptop/windows require for the commands, only to SSH to it.

Thanks Shabuboy. I had no idea that the MyCloud was running linux. rsync sounds like a nice solution then I guess (although the automated interface would be simpler to use). Has anyone created pre-packaged scripts for something like this? I could probably figure it all out, but it’s simpler if I have some reference. How can you set it up so that the cron is setup after a roboot of the MyCloud? (or does that just automatically work?)
Thanks for the help.

  • No pre-packages that I am aware of. Plenty of references out in the internet for rsync scripts.
  • Cron jobs are kept after reboots. Also plenty of info out there. Not sure if they are kept after firmware upgrade though.

There might be some on this forum, but since are not officially supported by WD, might be limited. Lots of Linux info out there.

FYI: These are Linux servers but are a light version of some flavor of Linux. Do not update or install packages which are for full blown Linux versions. Just in case you want to explore other software options.

You might want to take a look at the following two threads as a starting point (these were also posed yesterday to another thread where a similar question on backup came up).

This is great. I’ll read through those threads and find out more about SSH and using the rsync command to setup a cron job for what I want to be doing. Sounds like a good solution (better than the safepoints. A bit more difficult, but I’m up to it). Thanks!