Can not create safepoint for backups!

Ok, have purchased an new My Cloud 2TB and also a new seagate 2TB external HDD for backing up the My Cloud etc…

The My Cloud recognizes the external HDD in all aspects however when I go create a safepoint, I set through all the items and set for auto at 2am. Then when it asks me do perform now, I select yes. It give the message that it could take some time then just resorts to the initial safe point screen. When that happens there is no safepoint listed in the left had window??? So, I do it again but then it bombs me out as it is saying that I already have a safepoint with the same name so to speak???

I guess the only other thing I have noticed (not sure if related) but when browsing to the USB via Windows Network explorer it shows the external HDD as two drives opposed to one. pretty sure it only has one partition but will have to check.

Any ideas???

When viewing the list of Shares on the My Cloud does it list your USB drive share twice? For example “drive” and “drive_1”? If so this is a well known and very frustrating issue with the latest WD Firmware. The solution is to remove the USB drive via the Dashboard by ejecting it, then remove the left over Share for that USB drive in the Share page on the Dashboard. Then reattach the USB drive, go back to the Share page and rename the USB Share back to the original name.

More on this duplicate USB naming issue is discussed in several other threads/posts, like the following:

Yeah, I re partitioned the external HDD and formatted where now it looks ok. BUT, on tho the next issue of the backup not showing up although it runs through the motions as though it is, but at the end, i cant see a backup and the external is still showing as an empty drive on the GUI (i.e. 2TB free). When browsing to the HDD via network, it shows a couple of folders which are empty. The autos schedule does not work either… For one of the popular selling features, it sure has issues!

What My Cloud firmware is your unit running? The v2.x firmware version apparently doesn’t have a scheduling feature for the backup option where as the older v4.x firmware My Cloud’s Safepoint backup feature does have a scheduling feature.

Unfortunately some just have problems with the Backup/Safepoint option with the later firmware versions. Mostly the Safepoint is now working on my v4.x version My Cloud running the latest firmware once I straightened out the duplicate USB naming issue and the failure of the v4.x firmware to properly mount my USB drive. Others are not so lucky.

There are other ways, using SSH to issue an “rsync” command for example, to backup the data on the My Cloud to another location. Note: These method mentioned below may be for v4.x firmware only.