Safepoint for MyCloud- Coming back? Alternatives?

I’ve had two sets of WD MyClouds- first the grey MyBook Live 3TB ones bought in 2013, and currently the white 4TB ones purchased in 2015. Also have a couple of 4TB Mybooks USB’d into the current ones for extra capacity.
Both were setup with duplicate units for Safepoints. Originally they were both able to be scheduled to perform automatic backups. That eventually stopped working so I manually do them weekly.
My current ones are getting older and I am planning to upgrade them so would like to know whether WD is planning to reintroduce this as a feature, or a simple alternative to it. While the WD MyCloud Homes sound interesting it is clear they don’t have Safepoint as an option which is a deal breaker for me.
I’ve received numerous surveys over the years asking what I’d like to see for backup options and it appeared WD were considering off site Safepoint functionality which would be ideal.
If not, despite my loyal feelings toward WD and wishing to continue to buy US derived gear, I’ll reluctantly have to look further afield.


You could refer to the following link:

Thanks Jonty,
I had read elsewhere that I could Safepoint to a Home from one of my old MyClouds, which means I am still retaining one of them. I am planning to upgrade to new equipment which has some form of simpler but separate redundancy however…
If there is a product on the horizon which will provide Safepoint type backup capability I would wait for it as it has been a great feature.
Is there anything coming?

I give up on WD as an upgrade option for my aging MyClouds. Can’t find a number to speak to anyone at WD and no practical options meeting my requirements offered here. Netgear looks to be another US provider whose ReadyNas looks like it will give me the same remote access and auto NAS content backup functionality like safepoint so that’s where I think I’ll be going. Sorry to leave you WD.