My Cloud EX2100 - No Apps

Dear Community,I want to install transmission and myadminphp on my device but i cannot find the way. When i go in the Apps sections, there are no available apps to install. Also i have install the Third party apps .gz file (WDMyCloud_NAS_Apps_GPL_20150226.tar) but when i try to install the app fails.

Please advice.


I just checked and same issue. So, the WD server is apparently not showing the laundry list of apps. Why don’t you give WD Support a call and report the problem?

Hi Mike,

I was able to install the apps by Downloadding the third party apps file from the link below.
Then i extracted this file and create the bin files using linux:

cd Apps
cd WDMyCloud_WDMyCloudEX2_WDMyCloudEX4100_WDMyCloudEX2100
cd Transmission
…/mksapkg -E -s -m WDMyCloudEX2100
cd …
You could find that “WDMyCloudEX2100_Transmission_1.05.bin(02092016)” is created.

Thank you for help