No Add Apps button on dashboard

Hi I am trying to add an app via my local dashboard, but there is no add (+) button below the Apps pane on the left hand side.

Am I missing something simple?




Apparently the v2.x single bay My Cloud units do not support adding additional apps beyond one or two already included. The v2.x User Manual ( has a graphic indicating the apps; HTTP Downloads, Safepoint Migration are installed/available.

Right, thanks for that.
I’ll be taking this back to the shop then as that seriously limits what I wanted to do with the device, not the least downloading transmission.

Cheers for the reply

If one researches other more advanced My Cloud models they’ll see that App installation including Transmission is possible:

See the website ( which has more information on the various My Cloud models including which models support installing third party apps. For example the My Cloud Mirror:

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These devices do not officially support transmission. But there are plenty of guides how to do it in this forum.
Such as this one [APP] Transmission various versions for firmware V4+ (04/2018)

FYI. Any NAS you might get regardless of vendor, it will come with a light flavor of Linux. So in order to install any apps, make sure you either download a specific version for your NAS or compile your own package.

OP is using v2.x firmware. And they posted previously in the thread you linked to (see last post made 7 hours ago). Apparently the OP is going to try the WD MyCloud Gen2 Chroot (+ Transmission and Minidlna) method. Of course doing so will probably void the OP’s My Cloud warrantee.