My Cloud EX2 seems to run recovery or other at boot before loading any interface

Hello all.

I have a My Cloud EX2. At the moment, it lost power, because I was clumsy got its power cable pulled out. When I put it back in, it would start, but its power light blinks blue and the two hard drive lights is has, will not light up. It also has some usb hard drives connected to it, where it looks like that it is going though those drives, either checking for something or something else, since one of them is blinking as it is being read from or written to.

I will note that I have once tried before taking its power, some years ago, when I had just gotten it, and in this case, I had similar problem, but I let it run through for some time and it seemed to come up by it self. Like it had run through a recovery function or something.

A second thing is, I can ping its ip address, but I can not connect to it via the web interface, ssh or any other network application.

I would like to know if anyone knows if it is just a question of time before it comes up and is accessible or if I do need to do something to get it up and running right again.
If there is anything else you need to know, please say so, and I will do my best to give more details.

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I figured the problem out. The problem was a USB hard drive I had connected. I do not know what was wrong with it, but it was holding up my EX2 from finish booting. I tried connecting the USB drive to other Linux machines and the drive always started up like it got in to recovery mode or something.
I have now disconnected it and took the easy way out and made a new clean partition on that hard drive.

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