My Cloud Drivers

I’m running 2 my cloud devices (a single bay unit, and a PR2100 unit). I have multiple Win10 machines in the home. 2 pcs with the latest fully updated version of Win10, and 1 laptop with an old version (1903?) version.

The laptop and 1 of the desktops were able to download and install the proper drivers for the Nas Device, and gives me the OPEN context menu when right click, the other Win10 machine does not. I commented on this before, and was able to find the MyCloud device under “software devices” in device manager, and when I right clicked and updated driver, it automatically found a proper driver and installed it. On this other machine, it gives me the generic “Windows has determined you are using the best driver already” message and doesn’t even try to look for a driver.

As a result, I’m seeing this:


The lower shot is of the updated computers, the upper shot is of the new Win10 machine and it won’t update. Anyone know how to update?

Are you having any issues accessing the My Cloud drives? If not then don’t worry about the “drivers” not getting updated.

Well I had to pin the drives to my quick access and get to it from there. Interestingly my PR2100 after the OS5 upgrade is now consistently showing up as a “COMPUTER” in my network explorer (maybe smb was updated?).

Anyways, I was more interested in knowing why 1 pc has a driver, and the other doesn’t, and if there’s a driver available, how do I get it?

If I have a choice, I would like to have the driver “version” so I can right click and choose open and keep things consistent among the pcs that I use and clean up my quick access menu. Thats just me though.