How do I install WDMyCloud driver

I have a couple computers running Windows 10 version 1511 build 10586.71 in my LAN with two WDMyCloud drives… As I look under Device Manager->Western Digital NAS->WDMyCloud->Properties->Drivers Tab some of the computers display driver version while others display version The computers running display a generic Windows storage icon for the WDMyCloud drives when I browse the Network via File Explorer while the ones with display either a very nice white WDMyCloud icon or just a blank white page icon for all the WDMyCloud drives. How do I get/install the WDMyCloud driver on the computers running When I try to update the drivers using the Windows Update Driver function it tells me that I’m running the latest driver. How do I get the computers running displaying the blank page icon to display the WDMyCloud icon?


Are you running the same firmware on both unit?

Let’s see if any of the users can share some information with you on how to do that.

ERMorel, yes both units are running the same firmware release I experienced the same issue with the previous firmware release. What I’d like to know is where to get the WDMyCloud driver version Is this a driver version that’s installed by a specific Windows WDMyCloud application? There’s a WD_MYCLOUD_2_2_1.dll and a WD_MYCLOUD_2_2_0.dll in the computers that are currently running The ones running only have the WD_MYCLOUD_2_2_0.dll in the /windows/system32 folder.