My Cloud and Mac

I bought a WD MyCloud 2 TB, but my Mac does not recognize it in disk uitilties.

WD SmartWare also does not do what WD promises.

I can’t even format my WD MCloud! The helpdesk also does not respond to my emails…

Cna someone help me out on how to set up A WD MyCloud 2 TB prpoerly on a Mac? 

I guess that the drive is formatted as a 32 FAT drive and MAC does not recognize it. 

Have you visited the Learning Center?

Check out the User Manual and look in the index for Apple and Mac information pages.

Watch this video on You Tube as he reviews the WD My Cloud on an Apple Computer.

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cat0w (USA)

I am not a mac person so I can’t give details but a summary

the mycloud is a NAS device, you access it through networking, not disk utilities and can’t format it from a computer

you use a web browser to configure it, http://wdmycloud/ui (i think)

you access the mycloud through finder

there are WD programs you can use but they arn’t needed

if all you wanted is a USB attached disk you bought the wrong thing and I suggest exchanging it if possiable. A NAS device is more complicated then a USB disk