My Book Suddenly Stopped Working On Xbox One

About a year ago, maybe a few months more, I purchased a 4TB My Book for use exclusively with my Xbox One. No issues occurred initially, formatting was simple and everything installed perfectly. The My Book was purchased new and has not been used with any other console or computer. Prior to today, I have had no issues with the drive.

Earlier today I was mid-game when the application (which was only installed to the external drive) crashed randomly. I attempted to start another application installed to the My Book and noticed that the console was now using the internal storage, where previously it had been set to use games and applications installed to the external drive.

The console is not the issue. There are no updates available for it, and I tried several guided steps with live Microsoft customer support. I also tried simply disconnecting and reconnecting the drive from the console, as well as disconnecting the drive from the outlet to ‘restart it.’ No dice. The console still is not detecting the external drive, and the small LED on the front of the drive–which is usually flashing–is not lit at all.

Any advice? Is my My Book now just an inaccessible brick containing the many hours of effort I’ve put into various games?

If the LED ain’t lit … sounds like the drive has no power

have you tried a different usb lead ?
have you tried connecting to different usb ports on the Xbone ?
is your power supply plugged into a power strip ?
have you tried plugging directly into the wall socket ?
have you tried a different power supply (12V 1.5A TIP=+)
have you tried plugging it into your PC (just to see if it powers up) ?
[sure, your data won’t be accessible and Windows will probably ask to format it … Don’t]

if none of the above solves it … then bummer, probably RMA time