My book shows up on new smart tv but won't read files from old tv

i have a My book external hard drive which was working as a recording device with my old Lg Smart tv. However since getting a new smart tv it shows up on the tv put says it cant be read , also i am unable to reformat the hard drive via the tv any ideas

Your LG Smart TV might have format the drive to something that your new Smart TV can’t recoginize… You can plug your device to your computer Mac/Windows to see if it can see the drive and able to grab to files out. Then you can use your Mac/Windows to reformat that drive to HFS+/exFAT/NTFS/FAT32 as requires by your new Smart TV. Check your new Smart TV manual to see what kind of format of the drive that it support.

Good Luck

thank you for that advice

why can’t you ? every Smart TV that i’ve set up for my job has the option to format the hard drive via the TV … it’s a pretty basic and important function.

i think you better go through your New TV User manual again … or contact manufacturer to find out how to do it.

Formatting the hard drive on a PC will most likely achieve nothing … since the hard drive is being used for “Recording” on the TV, the TV has to do the formatting to prepare it.

File System/Format support (egHFS+/exFAT/NTFS/FAT32) is for “Media Playback” of existing files on the hard drive.