Problem recording from lg smart tv to wd my book av-tv

I am having difficulty recording from my lg 42 ln 575 v 2013 smart tv to my wd my book av -tv - i connected them with the 3.0 usb lead and my lg tv accepted the wd device but the recording features arnt lit up on my screen and therefore i cant record anything -i have auto and manually formatted on the tv - i dont know if it is in fat 32 or ? also
my broadband is basic and i wonder if my broad band is fast enough - download speed is 6.0mb and upload speed is 0.6 mb

can you help resolve this matter

I would check (on your PC) to see if the My Book is formatted GPT Partition Style
go to Computer Management > Disk Management on your PC
example: this pic shows “Disk 1” as having a GPT Protective Partition

“if” this is the cause … then try formatting it MBR Partition Style

Note: i know you formatted it on the TV … but the TV won’t change the Partition Style

thanx for the tip - i will try on my pc when i get home ,

cheers !!