WD reformatted to both & now not connecting to tv

So I have always used WD hard drives to transfer movies from my computers and then plug into the TV. When I bought a 4TB one, I had it formatted for both Mac and PC as I was switching computers. It always worked fine between both computer systems and the TV. Then one day somehow the hard drive got rewritten on the TV and had to be repaired. When I got it back, it was only formatted to PC, but all video and photo files were visible through connection to tvs.
The smaller wd drive I’d been using between Mac and tv recently died so I paid to get my 4TB converted back to both Mac and PC format without losing any of the files already on it. It’s working fine between both computers and showing the files, however when I connected to my LG smart TV, the device shows up, but it’s empty.
Any help would be appreciated as I paid to get this conversion so I could have the movies from my Mac on the tv without loosing the PC ones I had. Now nothing shows on the tv

The missing information you haven’t provided is what file system the hard drive is formatted to ?

PC’s and Mac’s can read both FAT32 and exFAT formatted hard drives.

FAT32 is not really recommended as it has a 4GB filesize limitation

exFAT does not have this limitation.

From what i’ve googled … LG Smart TV don’t support exFAT (only NTFS and FAT32)