My Book Live Unable reset Password

I have been trying to get into MBL now for several months, I have reset but nothing happens, I forgot the password…I’ve read all the help stuff but not having any luck at all.

Does “get into” mean getting at the dashboard from a browser? Or getting at shares from a computer? Or accessing it via remote access? A more detailed description of the problem might be helpful.

I am having the same problem, I press the reset button while booting the drive, and the password does not reset to the default. I need to access the drive to retrieve some data.
I am accessing from a web browser using the DHCP IP address so get to the web front end, but the password is not recognised as the default

Try it with no password. I ran into an issue after resetting a user password where suddenly I couldn’t log in with the owner password. I wasn’t sure why. But after resetting it using a safety pin in the reset hole on the My Book device I could log in with no owner’s password, and it was prompting me in the upper right to Secure my device.

Also make sure that, should you be using Chrome, Chrome isn’t attempting to fill in the wrong password. Click on the key icon in the url bar and delete the passwords for this device.