Mybook Live access from webdashboard

Can anyone tell me why I can’t just reset my password? I bought this Mybooklive some time ago, but its been so irritating to use. The connection is slow, and for most of the time I’ve had it, I haven’t been able to access it via the web browser, as it keeps asking me for my owners password, but refuses to recognise it. Last time this happened, I had to reset it and lose everything on it. I can’t do that again because it would take days to copy everything off it as the connection is so slow. How do I regain access to MY device??

That, in theory, should not happen with a simple reset - holding the Reset button in for 5 seconds or so. According to the doc that will just reset the admin password (and SSH password if you have enabled SSH). It should not do anything to your shares, your defined users, etc.