My Book Live streaming MKV to PS3... opinions please?

At the moment I’m using PS3MediaPlayer to stream video and audio from my laptop but it doesn’t have the processing grunt to keep up with HD files. 

I’m now considering purchasing a 2TB My Book Live to stream HD mkv files to my PS3. Can anyone comment on the performance of this machine? No stuttering or AC3 audio problems to be aware of?



I have not tried this in a PS3, now in a Xbox 360, the streaming is actually really good, I have not encountered any major issues. You can try to search sites such as  Amazon and Tiger, they provide user reviews about this product. 

The PS3 is a great console to stream media content.  PS3 can support a variety of media file types for playback.  If you stream a single HD mkv at a time, a 10/100 network should be suffice.  You will get the best performance if the PS3 is connected directly to the router through the ethernet.

The My Book Live doesn’t transcode content like PS3MediaServer does, so I don’t think MKVs will play at all on a PS3 when streamed from a MBL…

I see. That would pretty much put this product out of the picture if so.

As far as I know, very few NAS devices will transcode video.  Their chipsets are relatively slow and designed for file handling, not video encoding.

If you find a NAS capable of transcoding HD, please post back with info as it will interest a number of PS3 users here I imagine.  :)

Sony Playstation 3 does not support the .mkv format.  I erred previously and was thinking .M4V which the PS3 does support.

The MyBookLive will serve all available media file types on your network.  However it is up the specific DMA device, in this case the PS3, whether it supports and can play particular file formats.

It’s pretty easy to change the mkv container into an mp4 container that the PS3 will play without hours of encoding.

Sounds like you’re PC - but on a Mac it’s a simple as opening the MKV in QTPro and exporting as an MP4, passing through both the video and audio. Takes just a couple of minutes. 

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