PS3 problems, including mkv files and subtitles

I am streaming from MyCloud to PS3, and I have two problems. I can’t see or play .mkv files, and I can’t turn on subtitles.

As far as the .mkv files, I can’t put PS3 Media Server on the MyCloud nor stream from MyCloud->laptop->PS3. I tried streaming to my laptop and using PMS to play on PS3, but even my avi files did not appear.

As far the subtitles, I have way too many files to go through consolidation of .avi and .srt files. Even if I limit myself to watching on my laptop only, the subtitles don’t automatically load. I have to begin the movie, turn on the subtitles and “open file”, wait for the screen to load, choose the file, and finish the movie in one sitting. If I close VLC media player and re-open, I have to do it all over again for each file I want to walk. This was not an issue when I was connecting Passports to a WD Media Player box in 2008. What happened?

I also have an AppleTV in a closet somewhere, but I haven’t seen much in the way of MyCloud/AppleTV success stories. Is it worth it to dig it up?

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen much in the way of success stories for MyCloud working with other devices. Can anyone give me some hope?

All I want is to watch all my files and watch them with their subtitles. Do I need different software, hardware, whatever?

Dear internet, make my monster grow!

After all the back and forth, I’ve finally read something that says definitively MKV IS NOT SUPPORTED ON DLNA. Okay, I’ll convert. It’ll take a while, but not that much of my library is in mkv.

However, I’m still stumped on the subtitles because I can’t get them to work properly even when just streaming to my laptop. That tells me it’s an issue with MyCloud, not PS3. How have other people handled this? I’ve searched the boards, but nothing seems applicable.

I NEED subs. I like that the MyCloud is quieter and faster and cooler, but at least the overheated, noisy, laggy WD TV box I bought in 2008 plays subs. Plays mkvs, too, for that matter. How did we go backwards in 6 years in terms of accessibility?

Let me get this straight.

Regardless of my PS3 or Apple TV, my issues all hinge on DLNA’s capabilities.

DLNA does not support MKV files. Ever. At all.

DLNA does not support external subtitles. Ever. At all.

I have to convert all my mkv files to avi. The only program I’ve found for mac is flv crunch. It’s is mind-bogglingly slow. Is there anything faster I can use?

I have to mux 3.5 tbs of video and subs. I have not found anything that seems reliable. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Does DLNA actually work with anything? Do I have the wrong setup? Or do I have the wrong cloud storage?

I can’t be the only WD customer who watches movies in non-avi format. I also can’t be the only WD customer with a hearing loss and a love of foreign film.

Is there a device out there that WILL play back the files i have?

Side note: I’ve seen “solutions” that involve muxing srts into mkvs, but what does this solve if MyCloud will not playback mkvs?

  I’m no expert on these things but, I have many mkv movie files stored on my cloud and they stream and play fine on my android devices. The only proviso is that I have on mkv compatable player installed on my android devices.

runnoft wrote:

DLNA does not support MKV files. Ever. At all.

DLNA does not support external subtitles. Ever. At all.

Both statements are wholly inaccurate.

DLNA supports MKV fine.   I do it all the time.

DLNA also supports subtitles.  But to work reliably, they need to be muxed into the video file, not a separate file.

But the good thing is that muxing Subtitles into MKV files is quick and easy with MKVMerge utility.

So how do I play the mkv files on a PS3 from a MyCloud?

I tried the PS3 Media Server, and it won’t even read the files that are on my computer, much less what’s on the NAS.

I took stock of all my mkvs last night. 500gbs. Since last night, I’ve converted approximately 3 seasons of Jeeves and Wooster. I’m going to be here forever. I LIKE mkv. I want to KEEP mkv. It’s tiny, it’s neat, it packs a helluva punch as a container. I’d dump the My Cloud before I’d convert these files. WD has been good to me for about a decade. It’s easy to use, reliable, and still have some of my first purchases from them kicking around my relative’s houses. Is there some other WD product that can suit my needs?

Is there a NAS that will play mkv files on a ps3?

Is there a NAS that will play external subs? (I’m less picky on this one- merged subs do seem like a nice idea, if a lot of work.)

Certified DLNA standards v1/1.5 back then since 2005 does not support MKV container nor subtitles, Not sure though about v2 which I last heard hasn’t been finalized? However it was recently possible with extended profiles provided by the media server such as WDMyCloud pre-installed Twonky. But you will also need a renderer which supports these non-standard profiles.

Your renderer, in this case PS3, I believe doesn’t support these extended profiles. So you’ll have to resort to other options such as getting a new renderer (my Samsung TV supports MKV and both embedded/external subs via dlna on WDMyCloud).

Ok getting a new renderer might be too much, additional options are:

  1. Re-encoding those MKVs (move back those videos to PC prior) to DLNA standard formats on PC preferably with powerful specs such as Nvidia CUDA (cuts down my encoding time) for fast results.

  2. Transcode MKVs and subs on-the-fly from PC using apps such as PMS/WMS/Serviio. I was previously using WMS (Wild Media Server) to stream non-DLNA standard formats and subs to my old Pioneer renderer. It’s not free as it needs separate license per-device, quite complicated but full scripting of Direct Show filters was my liking. I noticed you have tried PMS but not successful. Think you need to load the videos to PMS from the NAS via SMB. Sorry I’m not a Mac person, try PMS forums for help on Mac

  3. The other trick which I used to do on my old Pioneer renderer was to rename MKV to AVI (no subtitles though). It might not work for other renderers.

Use “Handbrake” to convert to MP4 and select “burn in” for your subtitles :slight_smile:

It’s free!

Maybe Mkv is better but MP4 can be played on almost any platform…


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I purchased a WD TV Live.

Mkv playback, subtitle playback, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. Not crazy about Hulu’s interface, but I’ve still got the PS3 if I get too fed up with it. Otherwise, the PS3 is probably just gonna stay off for a while.

And I got it at 40% off. I’m okay with that.