MY BOOK LIVE SMB Source only? PS3

I found a message in another forum :

I found that i can setup the connection to mybookworld as an SMB source

Avtually i tried to connect from my Dune Prime3 mediaplayer to connect directly to mybook live over my Network.

I cant see the smb share .

I see every folder under Upnp on my Dune but nothing appears on the smb.

When i connect to my C i can see over the network from my Dune all Folders via smb.

So is it possible to set up the mybbok live only as a smb (server) to prevent from using twonky server?

I think the direct via smb is better because the dune actually can play all files.

You can DISABLE the MEDIA SHARING on the specific share.

Change it from ALL to NONE.


True what you said but not the Solution. I already deactivated Twonky Server to see if an SMB starts.

Because if i connect from another Source PS3 or Multimediaplayer there is no SMB visible.

Only when i turn on my PC the smb gets started at the MBL and i can connect without problems., and see Cover Art and everything i created with Dune Prime.

When i turn  the PC off smb is gone and no connection is possible.

So it seems MBL doesnt start a smb Server to share the data with other PS3 or Multimediaplayer.

And because i dont see my Coverart from Dune with Twonky and my sorted Videos i want to connect with smb.

And i dont mess around with ssh login !!! (actually there are too many People that wrecked their MBL)

Maybe someone knows how a SMB could get configured.

The APPEARANCE is that SMB isn’t running, but SMB is ALWAYS running.

What’s more likely happening is that when you turn off your PC, you’re probably also taking the “MASTER BROWSER” offline.  

Without a Master Browser, SMB isn’t going to work.

But here’s the kicker. 

It appears WD’s SAMBA configuration tells the MBL to NEVER be the Master Browser.   So, if you’re MBL is the ONLY server-type device running on the network, then it’s not going to work, as you’ve seen.

Here’s the MBL’s interesting SMB configuration:

workgroup = WORKGROUP
  realm = WORKGROUP
  netbios name = MYBOOKLIVE
  server string = My Book Live Network Storage
  local master = no
  domain master = no
  preferred master = no

LOCAL MASTER=NO means   NEVER become the Master Browser.

I can darn near guarantee you that if you go change that value to YES, your problem will go away.

really cool idea

Ill give it a try as exporting the config file

edit it and import it again.

That should do the trick

I will try it at home . its a cool Solution.

And i never thought of that.

Please let us know your results!  

Youa cant change it when you export and Import,cause the master on is not in the nas file.

so i think you have to do it with ssh login, but thats not my world.

So maybe i get an answer from WD Support wich i mailed.

That’s correct; it’d have to be changed via SSH. 

(I actually count that as a bug;  I don’t see why WD turns OFF the Master function… )

Yes true Tony

I agree with you

i figured out a few lines and commands from internet forums at ssh but actually i didnt chnge anything.

im wondering why noone else noticed that.

Does noone use the mbl as normal nas?  does everyone use the twonky?

Most of the People have expensive Mediaplayer who can decode evything and they make their own Cover arts with different Software like yadis zappiti dune explorer my movie and so on.

Curious that i didnt find any question about this “Problem” on some forum.



hello? anyone here?  Knock Knock Knock

The WD Community was created for Users, such as yourself, to help one another, and to share your experiences and ideas with one another. As Moderators, we are here simply to facilitate and oversee the community. If you have a question relating the what’s going on in the community, we will be happy to respond. However, if you are looking for technical support from WD, you will need to contact them directly.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I totaly agree with you.

But Customer support isnt interested in our questions .

They like easy Questions like Can i turn off my MBL or do i have to install smartware ?

But they are not interested in rather difficult problems. And there are far more advanced Users here on the Forum then in Customer support,because as you see the People tryin really to help each other.

Customer support sent me no answer no nothing. Im not mad about support from WD .

Its like it is. Cheap People on support . Ican understand that because they cant pay a Programmer for answering

e- mail Questions.

And i knew that wd support isnt here on the forum. That was ment as a joke .)

best regards

There have been past WD products that had the Master browser setting enabled which caused problems in domain controller environments.

I have asked the dev team to look at a user controlled settings for this. Will let you know.


WDTony wrote:

… I have asked the dev team to look at a user controlled settings for this. Will let you know.



That’d be a perfectly reasonable fix!

Thanks for checking into it, WDTony…

Thank you very much tony

Thats an Answer

I can live with that .

And wait

No Problem here to wait

Twonky still makes a good job , and if i want my cover Art on the Dune HD PRIME(Dune Explorer) i turn on my PC