Problems with connection and at all

Hi. At first - sorry for my “Russian-English”. Affraid that bying WD products may develop my langv knowlege)))

Im new "user" of this miracle device. Problem is that - I cant use it properly to its destination. For one month Im trying all features I can find here, but MB doesn`t want to LIVE  anyhow. Let I try to explane:

Why I bought MBL - because I saw on the package-box mark:


Centralise your media. SIMPLIFY your life…

router: Cisco EPC2325 connected wireless with -

game consol: PS3

media player: DUNE HD SMART-D1 (by D-link 140)

laptop 1 : WIN WISTA 32 home premium

laptop 2 : WIN 7 32 home premium


---- trying to install drive from CD - dev not found,

---- reached MBL trought HTTP - menu not working (win int explorer 8)

 ----changed browser to Chrome - menu working fine, but:

 ---- MBL acces only via HTTP (mybooklive, or IP), so as Twonky ( -

-----Twonky can`t find PS3,  or someth.  - the page whith connected media-recivers  refreshes just you choose a type of devise and after permanently staying only Laptop MAC

----- PS3 can`t find MBL anyhow: neither Wi-Fi (MBL to router), nor Ethernet (DIRRECTLY to PS3)

------DUNE SMART D1 (with  USB connect wileress D-link 140) can find MBL via Wi-Fi (MBL to router)

------Finally mediaplayer found MBL via Wi-Fi, when I set up static IP for MBL and DNS

------Dial speed, while copyng from MBL to Dune not more than 1,2 mb\sec, (CAN I MAKE IT FASTER ???)

------**bleep**, I hoped to download torrents from PC to shared disc HTTP MBL (MBL - Ethernet to router), but it stop every 5-10 min and error display:  “The semaphore timeout period has expired” , or “not found device”.

------ I hoped to use MBL as SMB server connected via Ethernet to DUNE, but DUNE can`t find MBL if it not connected dirrectly to router.

------ I can`t even imagine what I may use MBL for.

So, I`d be happy if someone kindly helped me.

  1. I think,  - if I use some kind of device like Netgear-WNCE2001 - if it will be possible to connect MBL and DUNE throught Etnernet (Netgear to DUNE via USB and MBL to NG via Ethernet) as SMB, in order to get dialing-speed faster  ?

  2. Why PS3 can`t se MBL anyhow ?

  3. Why Twonky doesn`t see PS3 ?

  4. Why MBL dissapearing while torrents loading on it from PC (wireless) ?

 Thak You in advance. 

P.S. Finally i understood why does my 2-month dauhter crying so loudly - she 1 month gazes my tortures with some brainbusting box.

SIMPLIFY your life… =)


Dude, that MBL is giving a lot of things to work out out of the box, replace it!

wery funny. ha-ha. Cant stand how does moderation of forum block words like " **bleep** you" but doesnt block such a rudeness post as yours.

мда, полная лажа :frowning:

Fraud wrote:

wery funny. ha-ha. Cant stand how does moderation of forum block words like " **bleep** you" but doesnt block such a rudeness post as yours.

Huh? How is it rude to suggest that a product could be bad? o.o

Oh well…

It isn’t rude to inform you that your device appears to be faulty, and recommend that you rma it.

What would be rude is to suggest that the problem with your NAS is probably you, as the vast majority of computing problems are users who don’t know what they’re doing.

I beg a pardon, seems like a lost in translation of your post.

It looks like  you suggest me to take MBL out of package box.

It is difficult to understand an informal language to me.

Thanks for reply. The words that I expected to read here are some technical advices, or maybe suggestion to me make some test for understanding of problem.

Another question. I finally decided to try next alternative:

If MBL cant work as SMB without connection to router, Ill try to connect connect all devices (PS3, Mediaplayer, MBL) to router by wires using Ethernet. I placed router close to my devices.  So as wireless connection to MBL gives wery slow speed of copying, I hope it will be much faster by wires. I`ll check also how will Twonki work in this case.