My book live never sleeps


I bought a My Book Live about 2 weeks ago. I love it and it works like i charm, except for one issue: It never goes on sleep mode. It is set to go to sleep after 10 minutes. But even if my computer and playstation i turned off it still running after 30 minutes. The green LED flashes every 10 sec. and the drive makes sounds like it reading/writing.

Anyone how can tell med what is wrong?

Try this.  Instead of turning off all your devices, just unplug the MBL’s LAN cable.  See if it sleeps then.

You could also try rebooting the MBL from the dashboard. Sometimes mine does not go to sleep and a reboot helps for a while.

Without the LAN cable the MBL went to sleep after the 10 minutes. Could it be my wireless router that keeps it active then? Im not a big network expert so im a bit lost here…

The same problem I have with my device. It never sleeps, even after 10 minutes (the option was set up in software). It seems that something waking it up constantly - the LAN indicator keep flashing, and HDD sounds like performing read/write operations (though there was not any active operations!). When I unplug the LAN cable - the device went to sleep mode after 10 min. 

Router ASUS WL-520GC, I use static IP.

Would be thankful for any help! 

Don’t forget that it can take a long time to process photos, have you recently added a large

number of pictures?


I have the same problem. Any other “solutions” apart from unplugging the LAN cable? That’s not really a solution in my opinion.

Is this with the new firmware? Did it work with the old firmware?

Have you recently added photos or media? As mentioned, we have background processes that transcode photos so they can be viewed on your mobile devices. We also have a media server that indexes media, so that process can take some time as well.

We tested out the “sleep mode” feature pretty extensively, so I want to make sure that you are reporting this on the new firmware. One user mentioned that turning off remote access allowed it to go to sleep. Can you check that? (I know that is not acceptable, I am just trying to narrow down where this might be an issue).



i have the same Problem. The MBL will not sleep. With the older 1.xx Software it was working…but with 2.x not.


Router AVM fritz!box 7390 

DLINK Gigabit Switch

MacBook Pro 13


I had the problem with the two most recent versions of the firmware (including the current version). I also had it with a version prior to those but I’m not sure exactly which version that was.

I’ve not added any media to the drive recently. I also tried turning remote access off but to no avail. Admittedly, I didn’t reboot the drive after turning it off - perhaps I should try that.

Even when my computer is turned off, the drive stays awake.

I have it connected to an Apple Airport Extreme base station, and notice (like another user above) that there is intermittent communication between the AEBS and the drive as indicated by the flashing LAN light. It flashes 2-3 times every 5 seconds or so. I think that’s what’s keeping it awake but I"m not sure how to stop it.

I have a WD TV Live that is linked to the My Book Live via the AEBS both wirelessly and via ethernet over power, but I leave it off (standby) when not in use and I assume when the WD TV Live is off the network link is no longer active? I’ll also try deactivating the EoP link and unplugging the WD TV Live to see if that solves the problem.

With the new version 2.0 software, we do re-transcode your photos. You may see not go to sleep for up to a couple days if you have a large collection of photos. Also, if you have a web browser open to the dashboard of the My Book Live, that may keep it from going to sleep as the web code periodically polls the drive for status.

Don’t use the LAN LEDs as an indication of anything specific.

Even broadcasts on your network that aren’t directly related to the MBL will cause the LED to flicker…

Hi WDTony! If photos’s transcodings is reason that why this trahscoding stops when remote access is off because turning off remote access allow MBL to go to sleep?

Are you asking a question… or is that a statement… I am confused.

If you turn off Remote Access, we turn off the transcoder process.

Why??? :slight_smile:

My 3tb My Book Live will no longer sleep after the last two 2.x firmware updates. Nothing else has changed on my system and I have not made any major changes to the drive content. The green light will stop flickering when nothing is happening, but it will no longer spin down and go the the blue light.

I have no photos except for some album art associated with music files. I have remote access turned off. I have ensured that all devices that might be using the drive or contacting it are turned off. I am not running through a switch, just directly to the router.

This is definitely a problem created by the new firmware. My drive slept just fine until I installed 2.x firmware. It cannot be the problem with processing photos because I do not have any, to speak of. It cannot be the remote access problem because it is not turned on. And yes, I do have it set to sleep after 10 minutes in settings, which I turned off and back on again to see if it would make a difference–did not.

I think there are enough people reporting sleep problems with 2.x that had no problem with 1.x firmware  to assume that it is, indeed, a problem with 2.x.


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4th day after installing 2.01 firmware and green light is still brinking.  I SSHed in to the unit t and issued " top "command to see what was causing the activities, and I can see  “mediacralwer” process is running strong.  Is this the transcoding process you are talking about?

more curiously,  I can swear that I saw ‘miocrawler’ also running the first day or two after the firmware upgrade.  I thought you ditched mionet and if so, why was the process running?  just curious.

We extensively tested Sleep for this release as much of the internals have changed. I am not sure that you can assume there is any problem yet… if there is, we will address it. You might do as adachim has done and run a top on the device to see what is going on. As you can see it is still transcoding photos. As I have said many times before here, this process can take days (It probably took a week to transcode my 25K+ photos).

With regards to Miocrawler, yet that is the process that transcodes photos. Since this is an internal process, I wouldn’t be so worried about the name and association with the previous remote access solution.

It is the mediacrawler. If you kill the task, the blue light comes back again. I have only 122 photos and this firmeware is running 5 days.

Ok that is interesting. So that is all you have in the Public/Share Pictures directory?

Have you rebooted or turned on/off remote access?