My Book Live FW Update from the future?

Wondering if I have some type of time machine.

Look at this:

Check out the date! Was there REALLY a Firmware update??? The time, time zone and the are all set correctly. I’ve had this unit for quite some time but I think this is the first time I’ve seen/noticed this happening.

I know that MBL does not handle power outages well and will not have the correct time if it cannot reach a time server after a reboot. But I’ve never seen mine pick a future date; it just fails to account for passed time during the outage. And the report of a firmware update is very strange.

I just checked mine and it did not mention a firmware upgrade. But I also noticed it’s date and time were off. (It has apparently been off since a recent power outage we had.) I’m rebooting and will see if that prompts a firmware upgrade.

Reboot done. Correct date and time now, but no firmware upgrade. It says I’m current at firmware level 02.43.10-048. And that was from Nov 2016.

I think MBL is no longer in active development so I would not expect any new firmware (although I certainly could be wrong.)

I would recommend rebooting and see what date and time you get.

Thanks for the info. Yeah I know it’s NOT getting new firmware. My FW Rev is the same 02.43.10-048 but dated Sat 27 Jun 2015. Guess all that is is when you installed it not the date of the FW. Anyway…yeah, I’ll reboot and see what happens.

EDIT: Rebooted time was correct before and after the reboot. I dunno…sure was creepy seeing that message pop up. Some strange bug in the FW I would guess.