My Book Live Firmware upgrade failed - Red light - Want access to my files to move somewhere else

I recently did a firmware update on my My Book Live and it seemed to go OK, but I have not been able to access my files since the upgrade. In addition, it is now showing a constant red light except for when it boots (it’s blue for about 15 seconds). From what I hav ebeen able to gather this means the drive is dead and unable to mount a volume. I really don’t care about keeping the drive so much as I care about getting my files of the device. Does anyone know if I can open the case, take the disk out and connect it using a sata cable and get these files? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to think this drive failed and is a brick already. It’s only a year and a half old (or at least since I bought it)

Please help

Do you have access to the webUI ?  ( http://MyBookLive/UI )

Unfortunately no. Nothing at all. I think I may just open it and see if the HD can be connected to a SATA port. The red light seems to have several possible culprits…one of which is a bad board. Pehaps it’s just the network functions that are pooched. Problem is, that these files WERE my backups. Just had another drive **bleep** out and this was supposed to be my savior (sigh)

Usually the red LED indicates that the Network connection is down.  You may want to check it, and/or swap cables etc. just to make sure that these are not the problem…  the “link light” should be blinking at the connector if the physical connection has been established.

Yup. network connection light on the eth port is flashing. Tried multi cables…through the network and direct to a laptop. Very frustrating.

You could open the unit and extract the HDD - it does have SATA connection. 

Before you do that, as a last resort I would make sure that the unit is truly not accessible via the network:  try pinging IP and or hostname, arp -a, windows cmd “ipconfig”.   If you are not familiar with these you will need to investigate them.  You could also try reseting the unit (hold down the reset button on reboot, etc.