My Book Live recover data after Red light


Hello all,
I have registered here after many days Reading and getting frustrated with a my book live 1Gb unit.
Will try to explain as much as i can and in short breaf.
This unit in the last months had sttoped working, because it lost its Ethernet connectivity, and i was thinking I have an issue in my LAN or Main PC because i could recover connectivity after reboot pc or the mybook live unit, but after some time again, link down.

I decided then to update mylive book firmware( because it has a very old firm installed), so, i cant remember exactly, but it had to be updated step by step to newer versión from some versión about 1.x to a 2.40 or something.
I thought everything went fine, because i could Access the unit a couple of times, but link was lost in just a few minutes.

Suddenly the My Book Live unit wont start anymore and stays with a permanent RED light. On that moment i know that issue is not on my LAN or PC and the HDD has something wrong. I start searching internet and this forum whats the cause for this issue and how to fix it.
After this moment i have tryed any recovery solution posted as, DiskInternals, R-Linux on Windows and even try under Ubuntu with Test Disk, PhotoRec and tryed to mount the hdd with no success except the trick wrotten on this web with fuse2ext.

continue next post.

Ps. i have to split post because restricted to share images.


In all this scenarios it just recover like a system folders (see image):

but nothing about the files stored, althougt as you can see in this image Gparted shows about 240Gb ocuppied, what it is an accurate measure on the files that were stored in this unit.

I still believe that files are there, but i dont understand why there are not displayed or recovered.
Does anybody know what is wrong with this Mybook Live or how can i do to recover files??

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you



Sorry to hear that.

See if this helps