My Book Live access failure from win 10 - poss solution

Over the past few years I have experienced random occasions where my book live will be visible on the network but will fail to “open” in Win 10 Explorer view. (The HTML web configuration page does respond.)

In the past it has magically resolved itself by rebooting the pc, router and the WD My Book Live device (never sure which one cured the problem).

However today the issue became persistent and refused to clear and even my SONOS devices were failing to connect to My Book.

I accidentally noticed what I believe to be the underlying issue for these random failures :

on the “My Book Live” Settings that the date / time were 6 days out of date and the NTP servers listed as the factory set defaults were failing to respond.

I added my ISP’s default ntp service and hey ho everything began working normally.

So if you encounter these random failures to connect via explorer try checking the time / date and perhaps add your own NTP service via Settings / Date & Time on the web interface.

Hi @bvr,

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