My Book for Dish Tailgater

I bought a new My Book 1230 media 2T hard drive to use as a dvr for my Dish Tailgater.  Hopefully someone can help me because Dish support could not.

I plugged the power cord for the My Book into a shoreline prior to plugging the usb into my Dish vip 211z receiver.  The dish does its thing of locating the satellites and downloading the program after which it says the attached hard drive needs to be formated.  I can see by the blinking lights that it is formatting.  After completion it restarts the receiver like it’s supposed to and reaquires the signal and downloads the program but then goes right back to “The attached hard drive needs to be formatted.”  One big circle over and over again.  Even tried plugging the usb into the secondary plugin.

Connected the hard drive to my mac laptop and could see that it Dish had partioned it into Disk 1, 2 & 3.  Erased the hard drive with the Mac and retried on it but still going in circles.  Also tried using it a Time Machine backup on my laptop and came up with Time Machine error -1.  What ever that is.

Bad My Book hard drive?


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Didn’t know there was a tv section.  Thanks and kudo’s

Actually there doesn’t seem to be a "TV section) that fits this so if anyone has any ideas. I’d appreciate it!