Shutting off and on

I have had my book essential attached to my HD receiver for some time with no problems. Lately when recording it has shut off and then comes back on again. We have Bell expressvu receiver 6141, I understand the newer receivers have a hard drive inside the machine… I have connected the older hard drive which was almost full to the receiver and the problem went away…I have also deleted many timers from the book essential, thinking it was overworked for something…any ideas??? Why would it work for so long and then have a problem??  

Hi caistorgal, have you tried using another cable to connect the My Book? You can also use a compatible power adapter.

Thank you I wll try that, however, the cable is connected to another hard drive and working perfectly?? but it is a much smaller HD…thanks Ichigo

connect it up to a PC and disable the sleep timer completely.

If I  do that won’t my PC format the hard drive? It has many wonderful hours of entertainment on it??? please don’t expect too much, I’m an old lady…lol…

No, you just want to adjust the sleep settings.

If the computer asks to format the drive, simply cancel, and use the WD smartware.

Go to SETTINGS, click on SET UP DRIVE under the My Book icon, choose the Sleep Timer button,  and select NEVER under “Turn Off Drive” and click Set Timer.

Turn the drive off, and disconnect it from the PC, and put it back on your DVR.

I will give it a try…thanks