WD My Book HDD 1TB

Hi group, newbie here. I have a WD My Book HDD that I would like to use as an attachment to a HD over the air TV DVR tuner. I used to use it to store files as backup for my PC. I have since purchased a HD DVR tuner that can record OTA channels, but need a hard drive to store the shows. So I am going to attach my My Book HDD to it.

I have a dedicated power plug for the power cord, the USB attaches to the back of the HD DVR. My question is, I need to have the My Book plugged in all the time now, as opposed to before, when I only powered it up if I needed to backup a computer file.

Is this OK? Or am I at some risk of burning out an internal component or something? Do I need to re-partition this hard drive? Thanks.

Hello chrobe61,

You can keep the my book device plugged in with your DVR system without worrying burning out any internal component. However, I would still recommend you to restart the device once in a while to make sure your device goes on for a long run or if you feel the device is overheating in any case shut down the device for few hours and it should be good to use again.

Also, no partitions would be required.