My Book Essential p/n WDBACW0010HBK-00 can't access can't see under my computer. No drive listed

At first  my computer wouldn’t shut down. I found that when I unplugged the WD ext. drive the computer would shut down.

I tried reloading software from web-site with no luck. I go to the device manager and it tells me this device is fine. I’m running USB 3 could this be the issue… Another thing I don’t see this drive listed under my computer…

For the USB question, you can try another physical port, and/or a different cable. It would worth a try to hook up to a USB 2 port, too.  If this is a desktop machine, try plugging into a motherboard USB port on the rear of the machine. You can also check in Disk Management and see if the drive shows up there, and if it has a drive letter.

I tried it all. Nothing in disk manager… Device mgr. still says this unit has no problem…


Sigh. That is weird. If nobody else has ideas (and none have been offered, so far) the only other thing I can suggest is contacting WD Support.

Do post back with the answers if they have something that explains/fixes the problem. Such things are good to know.

Good luck with it. Wish I could offer something more.


It might be a USB 3 issue it’s a bit buggy. Try updating the drivers. If you installed USB 3 as an addon check the card  manufacturer’s site for drivers.


Two thumbs up to that, Joe!

sounds like u have a bad MFT or boot sector has been corrupted. try downloading ‘hirens boot cd’ -  it has a wealth of utilities to identify drives with or without active partitions, repair master boot records and recover deleted partitions.

good luck

I’m having the same problem.  Did you ever find a solution?

Did you ever find a solution to this problem?