My Book (refurbished) can not be seen by computer

My wife purchased a WD My Book (1 TB) refurbished. She was using it all summer. Last week, her laptop stopped recognizing the drive. Windows File Manager didn’t see the drive at all. WD Smartware showed that the drive was there but had no readable sectors.

The light on the front was blinking regularly like there was something going on. She couldn’t eject the harddrive to safely disconnect so she had to power down. Thinking that the problem was with her computer, I plugged the unit into my desktop (which I had plugged into on previous occasions). I experienced the same issues. But interestingly, my computer started doing weird things such as not opening programs or even emptying the trash while the hard drive was plugged in.

As soon as I unplugged the drive, BINGO, everything works.

Could this be a USB3 issue? I’m using the cable that came with the drive and we are using the USB3 ports on our respective computers. Perhaps I should try the USB2 port?

This seems to be a very serious issue and it looks like I’m not alone judging by some of the random things I’ve seen on this forum and through google searches.

If someone from WD monitors this, do you have any input? I have completed a trouble form and hope to hear something soon.

Please do that, if possible, test the drive with a different USB cable and a different computer.

Also, check if the drive shows under disk management.