My Book Essential Edition 500GB is no longer recognized the PCs

During the first year of operation and before the expiry date of the warranty My WD disk stopped being recognized by both PC and OS -Windows XP Home Premium and now Windows 7 Home Premium.

I have lots of data in there which I would like to recover.

How do I figure out if the WD disk is dead?

What can I do to check it as WD tech support would not help with it cause it is past warranty period now?

I am in Canada by the way

Thank you

I’m having a similar problem.  I think it’s the electrical for the power supply tho., because it comes on when it feels like it and then disappears.  Anyone have any ideas how to repair it or can I take the drive from the case and put it in another external case??


be able to recovery data.[text deleted] 

before you call someone help. you can check by yourself first following this way.

1, take off hard drive and connect PC directly. check drive works fine or no.

2, the drive spin up or no. you can take off PCB for check if don’t spin up at all

3, any strange noice? like clicking …buzz…sounds.