My Book 500GB drive no longer recognized, help please

I have a WD My Book 500GB drive that worked fine hooked to my windows xp machine.  The main drive in that machine crashed and while it was down, I moved the My Book to my Windows 7 64bit laptop.  It didn’t seem to work well, and was constantly disappearing from the drives in explorer.  Finally it would no longer recognize it at all. 

The drive spins up, light on front around the ring you can push to reset the drive is lit up and after the drive spins up it clicks about 10 or so times, then spins down.  There is no noise from the PC saying it’s recognized when the USB is plugged in.

I put the drive back on the XP machine after I got a new hard drive in it, and it won’t recognize it there either.

A suggestion I was given was to find an identical drive and swap the board to see if it will come back.

Anyone know of anything I can do.  I have a lot of photo’s on this drive I’d hate to loose.

Drive information is: 

Model: WD5000I032-001 (from the case)

Model: WD5000ZZJB-00UHA0 (from the drive)

S/N:  [Deleted] (from the drive)

500.0 GB


Is this a drive that came with Smartware? If so it is hardware encryoted and needs the board. If it didn’t come with Smartware you might be able to put in a third party case or connect as an internal. Did you try different USB cable and power supply?