My Book not recognized?

Hi all, I have three My Book Essential External drives. One 160GB, one 250 and one 500. The 160 and 250 work fine both through my XP laptop and my Windows 7 desktop but the 500 does not show up with on my Windows 7 desktop nor on my GF’s Vista laptop though it does on he XP laptop. On the W7 and Vista it says it has found the hardware and installed drivers and I can unmount it via the task bar but I just can’t see the disk. It is NTFS as are the others. Can anyone tell me what’s going on? I just want to use this drive to back up wedding shoots and want to be sure it is working OK and not about to break.

Any thoughts much appreciated.


Just a passing thought… It’s been my experience that not all USB ports are created alike. Many new computers still are being sold with usb ports that do not even work. So, just an idea to try all of your USB ports. Good Luck.

The chinzy micro USB port on the WD drives don’t get great marks either. Plenty of posts here about people having problems there.