MY Essential 500 GB drive isn't detected by the PC anymore

I’ve been using the drive for less than a year and now it’s not being detected by my pc running XP Home or my laptop running Windows 7.  Nothing shows up in Device manager.  Nothing is detected when I tell it to scan for new hardware.  I even tested it on a laptop windows 7 that it’s never been connected to and the message of new hardware was found doesn’t show up.

The device it self, spins up when powered on, has a flashing blue lights on the front but I can’t access it.  How do I resolve this?

there isnt much to do in terms of fixing the issue. your drive is hardware encrypted. Even if you need the data and willing to transfer the drive from your enclosure to a generic one - drive’s contents would still be encrypted. turn to local data recovery companies for solution, this is not much of a DIY type of fix. unless ofcource you have a problem with USB cable or USB port

It’s not a problem with the USB port.  Since I don’t have another cable I can’t verify that it’s an issue with the cable.   It is still under warrenty so what is the path to get it replaced.

Contact WD and they’ll probably send you a new cable.