My book Essential 2To usb3 freeze + partition damaged :s

I think I don’t really have to explain, there’s already a lot of post about the freezing problem.
But I’m facing the worst case scenario: HD started to freeze and was unaccessible while OS (win XP) was running + freezing the bios at restart. 

Checked it on my laptop running win 7, OS saying ’ you have to format prior to use this HD’…

Of course, not to mention that it was a disc full of important data.

 So I cannot format. I need data and partition to be recovered . Is there any WD utility I could use for this ?
Will WD release a new firmware to fix this, or will I have to purchase a new brand ? 

Hi, if the my book is still recognized by the computer you can use a data recovery program like recuva for example.

After the data is recovered you will need to reformat the drive.