Please Help with WD my book essentials 3TB lost partition & data


WD my book essentials 3TB (was used as one partition 2.7 TB), the card in its rack started to fail (the card had some black smoke on it like something was burned, it was working on & off so I could not copy my data from it which was about 2.2 TB the data was sometimes there and sometimes most of the directories are empty), so:

1- I attached it to the PC internally, the disk was not recognized by Win7 in my computer, but was visible from the win disk management in the control panel.

2- I have used it to unpartition then repartition to MBR (but found that it had split to 2 disks - Max partition size was 2TB in MBR so then I repartition it to GPT (probably done this step twice) then formatted it.

3- Normally I thought that I can retrieve the data from Linux boot disk with ddrescue or recuva but it failed, because I have never done it with a HD that was that large and didn’t know that the disk was formatted in a different way.

4- I did not write anything on the file ever since.

5- I have tried to recover the partition & the files via Hanyrecovery, R-Studio, EASEUS Data Recovery, Stellar Phoenix, EasyRecovery, photorec and Test Disk, but all failed to see the old partition & they see only the data from the new one, and get gibberish results (like an image with 1.5 GB, which I know that was originally an ISO file).

Note: the program TestDisk had so many promising options but I didn’t want to mess with something I did not know so that I would not reduce my probability in getting my data more than it is.

I’ve been trying for the part 3 weeks, can someone please help (The HD contained very essential data for my & I know it is till there but the problem is getting it out).


Drives that come with Smartware are hardware encrypted and need that card. Connecting internally or putting in third party enclosure will not work. Search the posts by fzabkar the board may be repairable. The other option is locate an identical one on Ebay and try that.


The partitions where deleted then redone with GPT then formatted, it is now readable by windows, it will not be readable via the board.