My Book Essential 2 TB transformation into internal drive

Dears , i have My Book Essential 2 TB USB , i had a problem with the USB connector , it’s completely ripped of , can’t be soldered .

So i took the internal drive attach it to my PC , it was recognized by device manager , but partitions not listed .

so i go to mycomputer —> manage … installe MBR :cry: , now whole drive appear as unallocated space … 

i used paragon to detect existing partions , but it detect nothing .

I don’t have to say , i have much important data on this drive :slight_smile: … so i need to ask u about the best tool to detect existing partions .

Thanks in Advance ,

The drive is hardware encrypted by the board that the connector broke off. You need a board from an identical drive or to find one On Ebay. Maybe this will help matching up the boards


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Many Thanks for teh reply , so is there anyway to decrypt the data without the board , i refered to mulitple shops , they don’ t have it , and can’t solder the connector :cry: , i don’t knw why , maybe cause the connector have 3 very close solder stripes points  .

Also , now new MBR is installed on first sector , if i managed to get a new board , will the existing data be affected by the MBR installed ?

The last option i have is to buy new mybook drive , just to use the board to retrieve my data , use the old drive as internal after formatting it and the new one as USB attached drive , so is it sure that any other board “of same model”  will decrypt data “i.e. encryption is not tied to the old board” 

I never enabled encryption by the way  “Model WDBAAF0020HBK-01”  , FW don’t have wdsmart or anything for encryption , it make no sense that users lose  data just  by having a broken  connector !!!

I guess 3 TB is not an option as they may have GPT , not MBR , please validate .

Appreciate your valuable feedback ,

So i refered to some articles , my model is AES encrypted even if there’s no password :

NOw the question is does all pcb of the same model have same master key … just wanna make sure … 

Is there a compatibility matrix for other models that have same board “my model is old 2 TB usb 2.0” i may not find a new one .

Also is installing MBR from windows disk managment utility can harm the data , i mean even if it’s damaged and i managed to decrypt the disk , i will be able to scan the disk by any utility to restore partion table , correct ?

Check the link I posted about circuit boards. The only person tat really understands them is fzabkar you can send him a PM. One last thing I remembered is fzabkar mentioned soldering fine wire to the board then soldering that to the USB port.


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Thanks joe for the advise , i sent a PM to fzabkar , i’ll keep posting here with valuable updates … 

i’m waiting for a reply from fzabkar , but from reading some article what i get is that replaceing the pcb with other one of the same type is mandatory , but not enough …

i still have to swap BISO or main IC l … i’m i correct ?